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Round Diamond Cross Pendant
Round Diamond Cross Pendant Sale price$595.00
Single Prong Diamond Pear Shaped Pendant
Single Prong Diamond Cross
Single Prong Diamond Cross Sale price$550.00
Diamond and Turquoise Enamel Eye Pendant
Diamond Flower Pendant
Diamond Flower Pendant Sale price$4,250.00
Diamond and Morganite Flower Pendant
Round and Baguettes Star of David Pendant
Round Diamond Star of David Pendant
Double Baguette and Round Pendant
Everyday Tennis Necklace
Everyday Tennis Necklace Sale price$10,800.00
Petite Tennis Necklace
Petite Tennis Necklace Sale price$4,900.00
Tennis Necklace 3
Tennis Necklace 3 Sale price$15,000.00
Fancy Tennis Necklace
Fancy Tennis Necklace Sale price$23,500.00
Graduated Cupcake Necklace
Graduated Cupcake Necklace Sale price$9,075.00