Bling, glorious bling!

22 December 2009

My gooooooorgeous engagement ring comes from Michael F & Co, a gem (no pun intended) amongst the retailers of NYC's infamous Diamond District.

Juliet S.

Washington, DC

My gooooooorgeous engagement ring comes from Michael F & Co, a gem (no pun intended) amongst the retailers of NYC's infamous Diamond District.

After going to look at a few different jewelers in Manhattan (from Kay to Tiffany's, to get the whole spectrum), my fiance, Luke, headed to the diamond district on the recommendation of my parents (my mom's favorite destination in the Big Apple) and my brother, who got his wife's engagement ring here - but from a different retailer. My guy, a savvy shopper, went to several different jewelers, perusing the goods and getting a sense for the treatment of clients before settling on Michael F.

Many diamond retailers on 47th street are just hawking their wares, and come across as being a little, shall we say, cheezy and chintzy and greedy? Amongst retailers in the diamond district, one can easily get the feeling that the guys who work here are just looking to make a sale and pad their pockets. Not the case with this extremely classy and professional place. Luke and I couldn't be happier with the ring and the services received.

With Michael and his staff, everything is centered on making lasting relationships with clients and truly making them happy. Even when months went by between my fiance's visits, Michael always remembered him by name. "Ah, Luke! How are you and how is your lady?" Big points for the personal touch.

When Luke took me here in the late spring to get an idea of what I liked, Michael gave us the red-carpet treatment, and talked to us beyond just what we wanted in a ring. Unlike many girls, I was not overly picky in what I wanted besides wanting a round cut and platinum band. Michael showed us different settings with different sized rings, three-stone and solitaires, to get an idea of what I wanted. In the end, I left the decision up to Luke of what to get so to save an element of surprise. Michael said, "I know exactly what to do. And if it isn't exactly what you want, bring it back and I will change it for free."

Thankfully, nothing had to be altered. Michael was able to read my mind beyond what I even knew and created the most perfect ring for me. A few weeks before proposing, Luke decided the ring needed something a little extra, so he had it shipped back to Michael to have some inside engraving done. Michael rushed the job and got it done - for FREE - in time for a surprise Central Park proposal. Did I mention that Michael gave my fiance an incredible deal, too?!

When Luke and I came in yesterday to check out wedding bands and get the ring re-sized (it was half a size bigger than I thought I needed - don't want those diamonds going anywhere!), Michael warmly greeted us, congratulated us, and immediately asked to see the ring to clean it. He then walked us through the process of what to do to get the ring re-sized: one of his employees took us down to one of his jeweler friends down the block who sized it down while we waited, about 20 minutes), and then onto another associate who polished it, while we waited. Again, this was all FREE OF CHARGE. Oh, and the re-sizing is completely unnoticeable to the eye- no one would ever be able to tell it had been sawed and heated down a 1/2 size. When we went back to Michael, he steam cleaned it AGAIN! Shiny, shiny, shiny.

We are getting married in July, so Michael told us to hold off a while for buying wedding bands, but was happy to show us some of his samples. He asked us to definitely come back in the spring and get the rings from him, but that goes without saying. The service, attention to detail, and commitment to making the customer happy make Michael's jewelry enterprise stand out amongst others.

Excellent, excellent, excellent.